Make the game of your dreams with the tools you need!

A Powerful Game Engine

Whether you’re just getting into game development or you’ve been a game developer for years, you will be able to make any type of game you want.  Both 2D and 3D game creation is now possible through our drag and drop interface!  The best part is that you can instantly preview your work of art from within the editor with a simple click of a button.

Other powerful features we offer are physics, AI, multiplayer, and much more.

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A Versatile Game Engine

Why should coders get to work with professional tools while non-coders are given toys that will eventually start holding them down?  Spark is a professional tool that’s made for everyone, no matter what your skill set is.  Make games with our drag and drop interface using behaviors, event sheets, coding or a mix of each. Make games with the game engine, without coding!

Best of all, your creations can easily be enjoyed by everyone on every platform because exporting is just a simple click away.  And because you’ll easily be able to implement IAP and ads to your game, think of the money you could make!

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A Social Game Engine

We are social beings and game development should be a social activity. Live collaboration in Spark isn’t just being able to see changes to your game repository, it’s about seeing changes being made LIVE as they are done. So, move your object to the right and your team members will see it then and there.

And since social media is an important part of game development, we’ve made it easy for you to share your content to the world.  So, don’t skimp out on promoting your game anymore, click and share!

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