Not just a game maker.

A complete solution for every game developer.


2D. 3D. Multiplayer. Games with physics, AI, and more.


Code or don't. Export everywhere. Monetize. Right from the editor.


Create. Collaborate. Promote. All from your browser.

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The tools you need to make your game.

Right at your fingertips.

Create 2D & 3D Games

Spark offers a jaw-dropping 3D engine and a blazing fast 2D engine all in one neat package!

Make it multiplayer in a snap!

Setting up the server is only a click away. Fast, scalable, distributed gaming at your fingertips.

Add amazing physics

Blazing fast, rigid body physics. Soft bodies, destructible terrain and a variety of constraints will liven your games.

Include top notch AI

Goal Oriented Action Planning system that works not by telling the AI what to do, but what you want it to get done.

The choice is yours

Develop games once whether on your browser, PC, Mac, or tablet, and export it with a click everywhere.

Pick a workflow

Everyone is different so we've made it easy for you to create your game using behaviors, event sheets, or coding.

Marketing made easy

Easily share your progress over social media because promoting your game is just as important as making it awesome.

Customize the editor

Feel at home with your workspace because customizing the editor is just as easy as making games with it.

Make games with others

Communicate, share files, and enjoy creating games LIVE with your friends and see the changes as they happen.

The future of game development is here.

Powerful tools for a stunning game.

Game Lifecycle

The right tools to make your games live long and prosper.


All your code, native to each platform so you don't skimp on performance.

Instant Previewing

Press play and see your game run within the editor.


Make games and make money off them, quickly and easily.

Asset Store

Find the assets you need without leaving the editor.


A strong community to help with the different phases of game development.

Project Management

Organize your tasks using Trello from within your personal dashboard.

Bug Tracker

Find the bugs easily before you release your game, with the BitBucket extension.


Share your work using BitBucket from within your personal dashboard.

  • Spark is a real beauty and is very powerful. I'm anxious to use it and make beautiful games.

    Paulo H. Vasconcellos Indie Game Developer, Blogger
  • Usually when you try out a new program that says "The easiest way to make...." you end up closing it down immediately because it looks so complicated.  I didn't feel that here at all!

    Olle Segerbäck Indie Game Developer, Victory Creek Productions
  • I'm not much of a programmer so I'm limited to what I can use so I'm really looking forward to testing out the Spark Game Engine. It looks promising and something I can definitely use.

    Lance Wiedenhaupt Indie Game Developer, ZK Game Studios
  • While making Santa's Challenge with Spark Game Engine, I realized that you can focus on making games instead of programming, on inspired creation rather than coding.

    Gemcraft Games Game Studio, We craft games into gems!

Why Us?

We’re a team of experts who love making games and helping the game development community become successful.

Aris Kostakos CEO

Game Developer. His passion began when he was 6 years old with the Commodore 64. He's created many games, an AI middleware, and now a game engine.

Theodora Kapsali CMO

Business savvy. Eight years of management experience. Very interested and active in serious games and edutainment.

Athina Founta CDO

Graphic Designer. UI & UX expert. Loves designing and is quickly picking up creating game assets.

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