You got questions. We got answers.

Since you’re reading this site, means that we’re very close to releasing a decent alpha with plenty of flexibility for creating 2D games.  If you have signed up for a beta key, you will have access to the alpha.

Next steps are to continuously add new features and fix bugs as they come up. Two of the major features are 3D capabilities and multiplayer and once we have them, Spark will be in beta.  We do not have a set date for beta, as features become available those who have access to the alpha will have access to them.

To those who have been waiting for a while for your keys, thanks for your patience and for sticking by us this whole time.

Spark is written in Haxe, a modern and cross-platform language.

2D games use Flambe to power the graphics and Nape for physics.

3D games use Away3D to power models and Bullet for physics.

Networking technology is powered by Pomelo.

All six are open source libraries used by well-known companies.  Check out their respective sites for more details.  We have given back to each open source community throughout this time by always mentioning our use of their tools and therefore helping grow their communities, as well as through being active in their respective repositories.

The engine (backend) is not, however, the editor is.  It’s fully extensible so you can change renderers, sound system, multiplayer system, everything.  The editor’s code will be released on GitHub soon enough.

Yes.  You will be able to customize the editor in many ways.  Moving menus and bars where you want them, have them disappear while you’re not using them, among other things.

There will be a limit for the cloud-based free version on the total file size of your project (nothing too restrictive, 10-20GB at least).  For files the only restriction is texture sizes bigger than 2048X2048 because that’s the max size GPUs can render efficiently.

Yes.  Animation will be possible and of course Spark will have a timeline to do this.  This may not be available for the alpha, but should be for the beta.

Yes.  You will most definitely be able to make changes while in play mode and when you exit you will be asked if you want to save changes.  This feature will likely be available after the beta release.

For the release version we have A* pathfinding planned as well as NavMesh and POI Graphs.  For AI, we will provide GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) as well as simple FSM (Finite State Machines) which will be completely customizable to create any AI you want.  A simple patrol behavior for example will be extremely easy to put together using this technology.  Some prefab behaviors will also be included, e.g. for patrol and FPS enemy and co-op npcs.

Yes.  This will likely not be available for the alpha, but will be for the beta.

Yes.  Light dynamic is an advanced feature and will be available in the full product release.

You will be able to do scene management from the project panel.

No.  You can apply gravity base on X, Y, and Z vectors.

Yes.  Anything you import will always be available in your current project and will be saved in your personal library for future access in other projects.

Yes. Perhaps not for the beta.  We are hoping our community will help us out with this.  We have some language support in our forum by community members who speak other languages.

In our forum, you will find a category dedicated to reporting bugs you find.  Take a look to see if another Sparkan has found the same bug, and either add your note to the existing post or create a new one.

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