Code or Not

To each, their own.

Why should programmers get to work with professional tools while non-coders are given toys that will eventually start holding them down? Spark is no toy, the engine is powerful and was designed to create professional games. To ‘drive’ this game engine, we created not one, not two, but three different methods.  Spark is for everyone!

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games without coding

Behaviors for beginners

We have over 100 behaviors and over 10 templates so you can literally make a game in one day! And those numbers will get bigger every day. Select from the platformer template, top down shooter, infinite runner, racing and many more, all available in both 2D and 3D, single and multiplayer. Import your own graphics, drag and drop a behavior (human, vehicle, obstacle, enemy, power-up, weapon, etc) and fine tune each property on the visual editor.  Make games without coding, literally!

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games with event sheets!

Event Sheets for the more experienced

No matter how many behaviors we support, you might think of something that we haven’t. Either create entire games using our highly intuitive Condition To Action system, or create new behaviors yourself using nothing but event sheets!

The behaviors we provide are also composed using our visual events system so take a look at how they work, copy and modify them to better suit your needs. Armed with behaviors and event sheets you can literally make any game imaginable, without writing a line of code.

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games with coding and export to native code!

Code for the hardcore programmer

The simple truth is, if you take the time to learn how to program then you’ll find it’s the best way to make games. The keyboard is faster than the mouse and when you learn how to code you don’t look behind again.

Spark uses the Haxe programming language, which looks deceptively simple like JavaScript. But deep inside it’s a fully fledged object oriented language with classes, type inheritance, closures, macros, lambdas and many more features.

If you master Haxe, you’ll be able to transition to other languages like C# or Java in a matter of days. But its simplicity and rapid development properties is why it makes it one of the top languages amongst game developers.

Export with a click

Let the whole world enjoy your games.

Spark doesn’t rely on HTML wrappers, so you can export your games directly from the editor. Our iOS VM also allows you to build for iOS devices without having to buy a Mac or having to open Xcode.

For web games you’ll get a link to share with your friends without even having to upload anything. To quickly preview your games on Android and iOS devices you can also get our Spark Preview App which allows you to download your builds from the Cloud, hassle-free.

Create on any system for any platform.

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and export to native code!
Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and export to native code!

Publish your games in stores like:

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and export to native code!
Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and export to native code!

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Easy but Flexible.

Sleek but Powerful.

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games on the browser and work live with friends!

The editor works on PC, Mac, Linux and even your mobile device as a downloadable software. But the real power comes when you use the online web-app version that works on any desktop or mobile browser.

The online version brings your game to the cloud, allowing you to work live with others and work on the same project from different devices. Work on your game on your desktop, then quickly check your event sheets while on the bus. If you’re stuck somewhere, invite someone to your project to give you a helping hand.

Our editor was created using the very own engine that you use to make your games. You can even read the source code of the editor using the editor itself! Make changes, create your own editor plugins, and share them with our wonderful community – all using behaviors, event sheets or code.

Game Lifecycle

Ship it! Just ship it!

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and keep them alive for a long time!

Games are micro-organisms, you bring them to life and some day they die. We make it easy to support your games with our automatic patching system and bug tracking services.

We are also aware that the key to success is a thriving community. With Spark you have the option to ship a level editor with your game and open the doors to the wonderful world of modding. Talk to your customers on your dedicated forums provided by us in your personal dashboard.

Spark gives you all the right tools to create an environment in which your games can truly thrive.


Money makes the world go round!

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games and make money off them!

We all love making games and we want to make lots of money from selling them.  That’s why we’ve made it easy to implement IAP (in app purchases) and why Spark will support well-known third-party plugins for displaying any ad you wish.  All of this will be a piece of cake for even the beginners, with just a few simple clicks. So create away and start making some mula!

Asset Store

Your best asset when creating games!

Spark Inspirations | Game Engine | Make games using assets right from the editor!

Missing something for your game, like a sound or a sprite? Need an entire asset pack? With Spark, you won’t have to leave your creative space to browse through the asset store.  Through the library panel you’ll have access to Spark’s asset store and will be able to purchase right from the editor.

From art packs to code samples and game templates, you will have everything you need right on your fingertip. Our rating and commenting system will help you make the right decision based on how others experienced the product.

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