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We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of Generation 11 of Startup Chile.  We were able to take advantage of the resources the program provides like great presentations, encouragement and motivation to meet milestones, peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration, and just enough money to keep you going for another six months.

The purpose of the program is to bring entrepreneurs from all over the world to Chile to help boost the country’s economy and awareness of entrepreneurship.  And to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world, Startup Chile gives each team about $35,000 US.  Most of this money goes back into the Chilean economy for rent, bills etc, so the program’s goals are a success.

For us, it was perfect.  It gave us a 6-month runway to continue with developing Spark Game Engine and getting some marketing done, and avoid having to go back to work even on a part-time basis.

Money wasn’t the only thing that we gained from Startup Chile.  We met a lot of great people, entrepreneurs, indies, and much more.  Relationships and networking that we will attempt to continue to nurture even after having left Chile.

Money and meeting people weren’t the only things we gained, either.  We were lucky to take advantage of the startup ecosystem overall.  US VCs giving us advice on what they look for, how to pitch, what you need to start making connections to VCs, and the details in between; marketing experts giving us advice on how we can succeed in marketing our products with very little to no money; workshops on various skills an entrepreneur should have or should enrich and how to do so; and so many other similar presentations and events that bettered our skills and knowledge.

Money, networking, and the startup ecosystem were not the only things we gained (didn’t see that coming did you :P).  Giving back to the Chilean ecosystem was what was most rewarding.  As part of the program we had to collect a certain amount of points by the end of the program, and we collected the points by giving back to the community, either by doing presentations, being part of workshops, organizing events, etc.

One of the events we helped organize was a gamedev meetup for the local gamedev community.  A monthly meetup where gamedevs, artists, designers and anyone interested in games get together and discuss what they love.  Presentations on various aspects of game development, presentations on games created by members of the community, feedback sessions and networking.

The Chileans were so hungry and in need of such a meetup, that it was a success.  The best part is that even after leaving Chile, these meetups continue to this day including an active Facebook group.  Who knows teams may be formed, friendships, and maybe even a few big, successful ideas.  Success!

This is one of the things that I’ve learned over the last couple of years while working on Spark.  The gamedev community is big, but the best part about it, and what I love about it, is that when we get together things start to happen.  If we just stick together, help each other out even just a little bit, like sharing a promo post on social media, we can do so many things…so many!  This is another way Spark will help the gamedev community…but that’s for another blog post.

If you have the opportunity, you should consider Startup Chile…and of course, if you need help with an application or a reference, we’re here to help.

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  • Santiago - December 13, 2016 reply

    I would like to put a button for donation via paypal, to help people with costs and reduce development time, which supports raise hands.

    theodora kapsali - January 2, 2017 reply

    We would like this too, however feel it would be better if we released an alpha version first so that our campaign would be stronger 🙂 The time will come soon.

  • Felipe - December 5, 2016 reply

    Just found out about this. I am from Chile and I’d love to work with this engine, I will be waiting for release dates and pricing! 🙂

    theodora kapsali - January 2, 2017 reply

    Thanks for leaving us a message 🙂 We were in Chile for 7 months (Nov 2014 – June 2015) taking part in the Startup Chile program. I’m sure you’ve heard of it 🙂 Do you go to the meetups?

  • Sany4 [rusky] - July 29, 2016 reply

    Can I make 3D worlds of 2D sprites NOT using parallax effect?
    And yes, I’m that Russian from Skype :DDD

    theodora kapsali - August 1, 2016 reply

    Yes, of course.

  • Owen Weldlife - June 1, 2016 reply

    Will There Be A Free Version Because I’m 16 And I Wont Be Able To Buy It On My Own

    theodora kapsali - June 15, 2016 reply

    Yes, ofc there will be a free version 🙂

  • Owen Weldlife - June 1, 2016 reply

    Will I Be Able To Make A 2D MMO LIKE Transformice,Club Penguin,Bouboum ,Animal Jam Or Bearville?

    theodora kapsali - June 15, 2016 reply

    Yes, eventually you’ll be able to create an MMO but don’t expect this for the initial release coming up.

  • patricia valverde - May 28, 2016 reply

    are the graphics realistic? sorry i tend to judge games if the graphics aren’t realistic

    theodora kapsali - June 15, 2016 reply

    We are using Flambe for our 2D graphics engine (used by Nikolodean and other big names for their games), and Babylon JS for our 3D graphics engine. Doing a quick search on these will give you some input on their quality and their output. Here are a couple of 3D demos for you to see from our tests:

  • Joaquinton - May 13, 2016 reply

    ¡Hola! , me encanta este proyecto y estoy deseando poder probarlo.

    Habéis tenido una gran idea, espero que podáis hacerlo realidad y os deseo mucho ánimo ya que este es un gran proyecto.

    theodora kapsali - June 15, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Always love to get these 🙂

  • Kyriakos Adam - April 25, 2016 reply

    oh please make the terrain of 3D games more realistic (I saw the terrain type on the hello3dworld project demo) or at least add shades 😀

  • Stoyan Parvanov - April 21, 2016 reply

    I hope we hear some good new soon been following since new year when i saw this engine i hope its as good as it looks like keep the good work

  • Maon - April 9, 2016 reply

    yes when will it be public

    theodora kapsali - April 15, 2016 reply

    Please see my replay above.

  • josh hines - April 5, 2016 reply

    When will it be available

    theodora kapsali - April 15, 2016 reply

    We don’t have a set date yet, however we are hoping very soon. We have stopped giving out potential release dates to avoid disappointment. Currently, we’re working on revamping the UI and adding a few necessary features.

    Thanks for being patient and sticking by us. We’re trying to release something that will be worth the wait.

  • AnimatronicLuigi - February 15, 2016 reply


    theodora kapsali - February 18, 2016 reply

    The engine isn’t available at this time, so there’s no way to enter it. How were you trying to get in?

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