Don’t keep your lips sealed.

Discuss and develop.

Live Collaboration

Work with your team at the same time on the same project through the live collaboration feature.  You will be able to see the changes being made by your team members as they do them and vice versa.  Even use the Google Hangouts extension at the same time, so you can actually discuss as you make your game.

Live Chat

Keep it simple by using the chat system to chat with your teammates, friends, and others from the Spark community while you create your game.

Team Forums

Set up a forum for your team to use and help with internal communication or to set up FAQs and other information about your game so your future clientele and/or investors can check out, all with a few clicks in your personal dashboard.


Leverage the Spark Community.

It’s the ace up your sleeve.

As you’re developing your game, you can make it public so that other Sparkans (members of the Spark community) can check it out and give you feedback, ideas, and even play your game.

Leverage the community to get feedback on your progress and your game.  Leverage the community by asking for beta testers when your game is ready.  In general, leverage the community to get the help you need to make a successful game.

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The Achilles heel of game devs, no more.

Content Creation

Content is king, but we often bypass it because it takes too much time away from what we love doing – making our games.

With Spark, we’ve made it so easy for you to share content on the various social media channels, helping you with promoting your game from the beginning of its development.


Blogging is an important part of marketing which is why we made it easy for you to create a blog right from your personal Spark dashboard.

Create a personal blog post for your personal thoughts and experiences on game development and a dev blog post for your game project and its progress. Share it on social media with your followers and add to your marketing content.

Blog away!


Not just a game engine.

A game development toolbox.

Cloud Builder

Make your game cross-platform by using Spark’s cloud builder which allows you to export everywhere with a click, sending you back the appropriate executable file.  Compile and export online, quickly and easily saving you time and money.

Bug Tracker

You’ve finished your game and now you need to test it out to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Track bugs in your game using BitBucket’s bug tracker extension that allows you and your team to keep track and fix things as they come up.


Organization is important in every project, game development not excluded.  That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to organize your tasks using the Trello extension, straight from your personal Spark dashboard.


Your game is very important.  You can’t risk losing your progress and your code, so we’ve made it easy for you toshare and backup your hard work with just a click using BitBucket straight from your personal Spark dashboard.

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