They say never judge a book by it’s cover.

For the people that still do, we got your back.

Make 2D Games without coding!

2D Game Development like never before

Your high-resolution sprites will run on our game engine’s blazing fast GPU renderer, while a software renderer is also provided for older devices. Animate your game hero with bone animation tools like Spriter, or traditional spritesheets. Use particles and post processing filters to liven up your game.

Spark is powered by Flambe, a 2D graphic engine that is trusted by studios such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Hasbro to make hundreds of successful online and mobile games.

Make 3D games without coding!

Make 3D games without coding

If this is your first attempt at a 3D game, there’s no better way to make your game a reality than Spark Game Engine. Drag and drop your models into the scene; create your terrain in our WYSIWYG editor; customize everything with the properties settings and instantly see the results by running the game inside the editor.

If you’re coming from another 3D game engine, you won’t miss a thing with Spark. Advanced shader effects, bones animation, particles, a georgeous lighting and shadowing system will leave you wanting for nothing.


Making a Multiplayer game is now multiple times easier.

Make multiplayer games without coding!

Let’s be honest, shooting at strangers that live thousands of miles away will never get old. Neither will co-op RPG and action games. Just check the ‘transmit over network’ option of any object you want to be broadcasted and Spark Game Engine’s sophisticated network layer will do the rest. It’s that simple to make your game.

With our lag compensation and input prediction techniques, your multiplayer games will run almost as smooth as single player. And by distributing the load to multiple servers, your games will spark with life by supporting thousands of players at the same time.


If Newton was alive, he would be using Spark.

Add 2D phyics to spark life to your games!

2D Physics to liven up your games             

Let our high performance rigid body physics spark life to your 2D game. Make complex vehicles using weld, pulley, motor and four other joint types. Customize the gravity for your space game, or enable buoyancy to simulate the sea where objects may float on or sink into.

Other features include One Way Platforms, Soft Bodies, Destructible Terrain, Portals and much much more. Spark is powered by Nape Physics which reportedly runs 3 to 6 times faster than Box2D. And yes, we have the benchmarks to prove it.

AAA 3D physics!

Triple-A 3D Physics             

If you’re making a 3D game, we have a great physics system for you as well. Bullet3D is considered an industry standard used in Triple-A games, movies and even by NASA’s robotics department. You can make any type of racing game with its rich set of contraint limits and motors. Using ragdolls, 3D characters will fall down realistically and interact better with the environment. Add a cape to your character and watch it interact with the wind using soft body dynamics. Finally, turning the destructible option on for any object will make it break into pieces when too much force is put on it.

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It looks great.

It plays better.

Export with a click without skimping on performance.

Here’s the problem: You develop your game on one platform and when you decide to run it on another you get jerks, lags and slow loading times. Spark uses Just-In-Time compilers for every platform so all your code is eventually run as native code.

By not relying on HTML wrappers you’ll get great performance on mobile devices while your game still runs on all browsers without any use of plugins. And by the use of fallbacks, games can utilize the GPU while older devices can rely on software rendering so everyone can enjoy your games.

Instant Previewing

Develop. Run.

Rinse. Repeat.

Instantly preview how your game looks and runs, right from the editor!

Even if it takes 2 seconds every time you run your game, that’s 2 seconds you’ll never get back. That’s why when we say instant, we mean instant. Make a change, press play, and your game will run right inside the editor. No new tabs, no waiting for your game to compile. Press pause, make another change, then resume again to see the effect of your change. This is what makes working with Spark an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We have intel on making AI great.

We knew we had to find a way to give our users a system to apply AI in any kind of game they make. That’s why we created a Goal Oriented Action Planning system that works not by telling the AI what to do, but what you want it to get done.

The AI will connect the dots using A* to find the optimal path in a space of infinite different choices that it can take. This way, our AI engine can be used for a chess game or even co-op FPS shooters. Spatial recognition is also available using NavMeshes and of course A* for pathfinding.

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