The Trials & Tribulations of a Game Developer


Founded in October 2014, Gemcraft Games has a goal to ‘craft our games into gems’ by making good quality mobile, tablet and desktop games.  They recently released their second game Connectum, so we talked to its founder and game developer Agis, as we wanted to learn about the obstacles they came across and how they overcame them. 

theodora kapsaliThe Trials & Tribulations of a Game Developer
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Startup Chile & Game Dev


We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of Generation 11 of Startup Chile.  We were able to take advantage of the resources the program provides like great presentations, encouragement and motivation to meet milestones, peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration, and just enough money to keep you going for another six months.

theodora kapsaliStartup Chile & Game Dev
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The Birth of Spark


Many of you have signed up for your beta key back in the summer of 2014, yet very few of you know who we are and how Spark came about.  So we thought this is the perfect time for you to get to know us.

theodora kapsaliThe Birth of Spark
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