About us

We are game developers and so are you.

By working together, we can make things happen.

Meet the team

Aris Kostakos CEO

Game Developer. His passion began when he was 6 years old with the Commodore 64. He's created many games, an AI middleware, and now a game engine.

Theodora Kapsali CMO

Business savvy. Eight years of management experience. Very interested and active in serious games and edutainment.

Athina Founta CDO

Graphic Designer. UI & UX expert. Loves designing and is quickly picking up creating game assets.

Who we are?

The Spark team was established in 2013 by Aris Kostakos and Theodora Kapsali after they both quit their well-paying jobs in Greece. In November 2014, they were accepted into the Startup Chile acceleration program.  After spending seven months there, they are back in Greece ready to take Spark to the next level, with a working product and an extra team member, Athina.

What we do?

We developed Spark because we realized that technology has advanced enough to take game development to the next level.  The current solutions are so five years ago; cross-platform is better now, beginners should be able to do more, the more experienced can get things done more easily, and the cloud brings new possibilities to game development.   By putting all these new technologies together we have created a game development suite that both the beginner and experienced can use to achieve their goals.

What Makes Spark Game Engine Different?

Spark is unique in many ways:

  • The only game engine that allows you to make 3D and/or multiplayer games without programming experience.
  • Spark is on the cloud which opens the door to many possibilities and features that are needed in game development.
  • Games made with Spark are 100% data driven which means better portability and you can always allow your games to be modded and easily release patches for it.

Why they love us

Feedback is key to development.

Here’s what game developers say about Spark Game Engine.

I just checked out the mock up and it looks good so far. Usually when you try out a new program that says "The easiest way to make...." you end up closing it down immediately because it's menus, buttons and dials everywhere and you have no idea where to start. I didn't feel that here at all!

Olle Segerbäck Indie Game Developer, Victory Creek Productions

I'm really looking forward to testing out the Spark Game Engine! It looks to be a promising tool in game development and something I can definitely use. I'm currently working on a game but the engine I'm using has its limits. I'm not much of a programmer so I'm limited to what I can use, at least for the time being. It would take too much time away from development to watch tutorials in order to learn another engine.

Lance Wiedenhaupt Indie Game Developer, ZK Game Studios

While making Santa's Challenge with Spark Game Engine, I realized that you can focus on making games instead of programming, on inspired creation rather than coding.

Gemcraft Games Game Studio, We craft games into gems!
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